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Levolan 60 softstop

With the compact Levolan 60 sliding door system, Geze has created a new sophisticated solution to design easy-to-use, manual  sliding doors for interior use.
Small fitting dimensions and the linear design with a  slim, 50-millimetre-high runner  track suit  every installation situation. The discreet fitting technology can be used for door leaf weights of up to 60 kg.

Product Specifications

External dimension

50x50 mm

Leaf weight

Up to 60kg

Leaf material

Glazing, wood, metal, synthetic


Wall, ceiling, glass fanlight

Levolan SoftStop

Left, Right, Double sided

Track material


Profile color

Anodized, RAL

Height adjustment

Eccentric bolt +/- 3 mm

Angle adjustment

+/- 3° Compensated automatically

Corrosion Protection

DIN EN 1670 class III

Testing cycles

DIN EN 1527 100,000 times

Assembling adjustment

Complete from front side